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SpiritSimple.com (SpiritSimple Enterprises L.L.C.) recognizes the importance of confidentiality of information over the Internet, particularly in the case of credit card and personal information. We value your trust as much as your business, and consequently present this statement of all applicable privacy policies. Please be aware that your use of this site represents your acceptance of these terms.

Pledge of Privacy
SpiritSimple.com does not share, sell, barter, or loan any personal information you share with us with any outside parties, ever. Your personal and transaction history information is kept completely confidential.
Information we Collect, Where it is Stored, and How it is Used

In order to serve you securely and effectively, there are some pieces of information that we must collect. Upon placing an order, we require that you provide an email address, which will be used for correspondence related to the order. You will also be asked for your billing and shipping addresses and your phone number. This information is stored in our personal database that is firewall and password protected.

Upon placing a credit card order, you will be asked to provide the credit card information you will be using for that purchase. When you input your credit card information, it is encrypted by PayPal's Verisign-certified Secure Servers via Secure Socket Layer (SSL). SpiritSimple.com never has possession of your complete credit account information, and merely receives a notification of the transaction. We do, however, store the last 4 digits of the account number and the type of credit card used for transaction identification purposes.

Email Communication
We may, at times, send you information about new products available at SpiritSimple.com via email. You have the right to unsubscribe to our promotional emails at anytime by clicking on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of these emails. You will also receive SpiritSimple.com order receipts and shipping confirmation notices via email. These emails are sent to keep you informed about the status of your order(s) and to give you a record of your transactions with us. Your credit card information will not be listed on these emails for security reasons.
Some websites are in the practice of placing cookies on your hard drive to track your Internet activity by recognizing your browser. SpiritSimple.com does not use cookies to track all of your navigation around the web, but does utilize them to track your journey through our site and enable you to purchase. There is no marketing application that this information is used for, but rather serves the sole purpose of giving you a temporary digital identity while shopping with us. If you would prefer that cookies not be placed on your hard drive, the "Help" section of your browser usually contains instructions to disable this process.
Security Measures and Technologies
As previously mentioned, SpiritSimple.com utilizes the highest level of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption from PayPal's Secure Servers (certified by Verisign). This protection prohibits the information exchanged between two parties from being intercepted or compromised in any way. Data is encrypted before it leaves your browser and is not decrypted until it passes through the firewall and safely enters the servers at PayPal. In this way, even we at SpiritSimple.com do not have access to or responsibility for this private information. Your credit authorization is then processed, and a response is sent a few seconds later, all in complete confidentiality. By virtue of this cutting-edge security functionality, you can purchase with the confidence and safety of the best encryption system available.
Policy Changes
SpiritSimple.com reserves the right to modify or alter this privacy policy at any time without individual notification or consent of members. However, we will make every effort to indicate to visitors that changes have been made, and pledge that these changes will be made with the best interest of all parties in mind. No new terms will be drafted that will in any way negatively effect the customers of SpiritSimple.com, but with service upgrades and changes of processes, amendments are occasionally warranted.